A New-born child cries.
Tightly shut eyes
Refusing to see the light;
The light that welcomes it
From the darkness of the mother’s womb.

Perhaps it is scared-
Secured that it was
In the mother’s womb.
Floating merrily inside a sac
Fed and protected?

Perhaps it is sheer delight-
The sudden brightness of light.
The beauty of the world around
Captivates its first sight?

Night follows day.
Our wise men have said
Souls are born and re-born;
Going through a cycle,
As long as the cleansing of the soul
Remains to be done.

Perhaps the child cries in frustration-
Another soul, which realises
That it’s journey is not yet done;
It must go through
the cycle of birth and death
once again.
The time
for night to merge with day,
For the soul to be encompassed,
In the all-pervading Halo
Of the Universal Creator
Has not yet come.

Copyright @ Goutam Dutta

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt “Night meets Day” August 17, 2020

And Miles to go before I sleep...


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