The Will Of God

The furious storm
razed all that lay in its path.
Branches from a large tree had broken,
Their weight damaging on impact
The roof of a house.
The house-owner cursed,
Seeing the damage to his house.
He ordered the whole tree
to be chopped off.
In a couple of days
Only the stump remained.
Good riddance, the owner thought!
Yet, unknown to him,
A few feet away from the tree-stump,
Possibly a fallen seed,
Nourished by the rains
Had sprouted from the ground.

Copyright reserved @ Goutam Dutta




Like dried leaves
Picked up and hurled into the air
By a storm,
Pressure builds inside the head,
Words swirl
Looking for an outlet.
Alas, Outside, death lurks;
In friendly handshake
In human breath.
The words that would
normally every day
Find ears of friends
and accomplices,
Spent on advice
and pretence,
Find their road barred
By layers of cloth.
Too much has probably been said,
Too many opinions expressed,
Boasts of invincibility,
Of pride in human knowledge,
Now lie tattered and shredded.
Imprisoned thus in layers of cloth
Words lose garrulity.
And in the ensuing silence,
The mind works
Establishing a divine connect!

Copyright reserved @ Goutam Dutta
Dated- 15th May 2020




All is Quiet-During Covid times

To roost in the city,
silence has come;
from the hills and
far-flung hamlets,
From forests and
within the ocean’s depths,
From the distant horizon
And earth’s edges,
From the vast desert stretches,
From cold polar continents
From ruins in history’s pages.
Like a maiden
bedecked in her finest,
She comes;
Dress the colour of azure of the sky
Spotted with the white of the clouds,
Luxuriant in the colours of the sun,
Fragrant with the smell of spring’s flowers,
The arrival greeted by
the cacophony of birds.
Silence has come to the city
And fills every street,
Every mall,
Every factory,
Every store.
At night, it dances with the traffic lights
At every cross-road!
It seeps into the human heart
And overwhelms human arrogance!

Copyright reserved @ Goutam Dutta



Bliss of solitude-During Covid lockdown

Time stands still
and gapes at me in amazement everyday.
Frustrated perhaps
at my refusal to race with it these days.
The quarantined life has another bliss to dole.
In solitude,
I find myself talking to my soul.

Copyright reserved @Goutam Dutta


Memories of “Covid 19” Lockdown

Life these days,
Wants to go back
Retract its footsteps
Wishes to seek solace
In sepia tinted photographs;
In the stories that they nurture,
In memories that bring about
The aura of youthful years.
Outside, the world seems
to have stopped dead.
These photographs however provide
the much needed escape.
“Come, let’s dive deep
Into a world
that was once yours.
A slice of time that
You once savoured.
Pictures of a place
that you once called Home,
And of people
who were your very own!
Friends of yours you can see
Holding each other tight.
Amidst nature….
Mesmerised by its sight?
Is this your baby?
A living doll, bonny and so cute.
Embracing her,
her mother stands, beaming
with the pride of Motherhood!
Look at you!
That shock of hair, lean frame,
This pic of yours, this phase of life
Truly un-believable!

Here are a few more !
Is that you dressed as a groom?
With your arms
around your lady-love,
Your joy seems to be over the moon!
Parties with friends,
Occasions you celebrated,
The photographs all reveal
Life’s precious moments!
Amongst these treaures
A few faces who have
become lost in time;
To dust and ashes
they have now been consigned.
A few are faces who
Have moved far apart.
Despite the distance,
In the mind and heart!”
Within he house,
The pictures thus spin a yarn
Of life and
its cause for warmth.
While outside, Fear,
sending out chill, engulfs!
But this too shall pass, is an assurance that comes from the heart.
So let the bliss prevail
And freeze these moments
With some more photographs!

Copyright reserved @ Goutam Dutta





My verandah is basking in sunshine;
Sunshine that feels like melted butter today,
That which falls over everything
In a joyous whoop!
It wants to submerge everything
With unbridled exuberance,
Warm, playful, extrovert sunshine,
Like a lover’s passionate impatience,
Like a child’s unabashed playfulness,
Falling over my shoulders,
Running all over my face,
Happy to have found me
after many a decade.
Happy to have found
a willing friend,
Who wants to give in
To its friendliness.
Sunshine that falls
all over the place,
That deluges my face,
reminds of God’s assurance,
To dispel the dregs of loneliness
And provides much needed solace!



Copyright@ Goutam Dutta


The pensive Spring

On the road I was, travelling,
When I encountered spring
In the guise of a boy,
Sitting on a roadside park’s railing;
He was, perhaps contemplating-
These shrubs here,
Will bear the champa flowers!
Back from work when Malati comes,
In her hair she will weave, some.
And where are the marigold plants?
Orange and yellow, in a riot will appear
When the marigolds bloom
In the park’s corners.
I will also aid
in blooming the violet Nayantaras.
The girl at the tea-shop on the pavement
Will pluck them to weave a Garland
While at play.
With my flowers will the morning bloom.
Their fragrance will the night inhale.
My flowers will be love’s offering.
Their vivacity will dispel life’s suffering.
In this city of grey concrete and black smoke,
Amidst this land of green, saffron and red,
In this city’s park,
I have to create a bloom,
shades and hues
Different and new.


Copyright reserved @ Goutam Dutta