Monsoon Season

Monsoon reaches land…

Rise and ebb of sunlight

Hidden behind clouds

Copyright @Goutam Dutta

Author: gdutta17

Born in the year 1968, my childhood was spent amidst the beautiful scenic landscape of a small town in India, Ranchi. Though an engineer by qualification, reading, writing and cooking are my passions. Another thing that I am passionate about is my country, India. As they say, a lifetime is probably not enough to explore the whole of India. Currently based in Kolkata, I can be reached at

6 thoughts on “Monsoon Season”

  1. Goutam, this is an excellent haiku. Take the first two lines, and then take the second and third line: you have two separate images that come together into something memorable. I’m reminding everyone… when we write syllabic poetry (especially the Japanese kind) we should not capitalize the first line of each word.

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    1. It’s time for the monsoon to break in India and the sky is usually cloudy making it difficult to realise when the sun has risen or is setting. As you rightly mentioned, it’s just different shades of grey on some days, depending on which time of the day it is. Glad that you liked it. Thank you so much.

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