Chemistry Class

Reaction releases gases…

Simply obnoxious.

Copyright @ Goutam Dutta

Author: gdutta17

Born in the year 1968, my childhood was spent amidst the beautiful scenic landscape of a small town in India, Ranchi. Though an engineer by qualification, reading, writing and cooking are my passions. Another thing that I am passionate about is my country, India. As they say, a lifetime is probably not enough to explore the whole of India. Currently based in Kolkata, I can be reached at

9 thoughts on “Smell”

    1. I was a science student, went on to get my engineering degree but never loved science as much as i loved my literature classes. Not that I was bad at science but i would have chosen to study literature, had it not been for the pressure put upon me by my father. πŸ™‚


      1. People like me are not good, they are mediocres or maybe turn out slightly better than average by dint of their other qualities, like dedication, zeal, etc. We amble through life, striving but never achieving the heights of greatness that a truly gifted person, someone with inborn talent may well achieve. I have always maintained that it is always important to try and understand the passion and inborn qualities in a child and allow him/her to be led along that path in an effort to further the talent. 😊

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