#Haiku Creative Mind


Boundaries, circle or square;

The creative mind seeks.


Copyright @ Goutam Dutta



Author: gdutta17

Born in the year 1968, my childhood was spent amidst the beautiful scenic landscape of a small town in India, Ranchi. Though an engineer by qualification, reading, writing and cooking are my passions. Another thing that I am passionate about is my country, India. As they say, a lifetime is probably not enough to explore the whole of India. Currently based in Kolkata, I can be reached at gdutta17@gmail.com.

11 thoughts on “#Haiku Creative Mind”

  1. Thank you so much for this. Yes, I read about the difference between the two on the net this morning. I do not have much knowledge about the technicalities of writing any of them; or even poetry for that matter. It’s just that I am passionate about it and trying to learn the intricacies because I am fascinated by the brevity of words to put across a beautiful thought. Thank you so much for enlightening me on the finer aspects.


    1. Thank you so much for re-blogging. Makes me happy to know that you liked it. This is, incidentally a Senyru and not a Haiku. Colleen was kind enough to point that and educate me about it the other day.
      Thanks again. 😊

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