Memories of “Covid 19” Lockdown

Life these days,
Wants to go back
Retract its footsteps
Wishes to seek solace
In sepia tinted photographs;
In the stories that they nurture,
In memories that bring about
The aura of youthful years.
Outside, the world seems
to have stopped dead.
These photographs however provide
the much needed escape.
“Come, let’s dive deep
Into a world
that was once yours.
A slice of time that
You once savoured.
Pictures of a place
that you once called Home,
And of people
who were your very own!
Friends of yours you can see
Holding each other tight.
Amidst nature….
Mesmerised by its sight?
Is this your baby?
A living doll, bonny and so cute.
Embracing her,
her mother stands, beaming
with the pride of Motherhood!
Look at you!
That shock of hair, lean frame,
This pic of yours, this phase of life
Truly un-believable!

Here are a few more !
Is that you dressed as a groom?
With your arms
around your lady-love,
Your joy seems to be over the moon!
Parties with friends,
Occasions you celebrated,
The photographs all reveal
Life’s precious moments!
Amongst these treaures
A few faces who have
become lost in time;
To dust and ashes
they have now been consigned.
A few are faces who
Have moved far apart.
Despite the distance,
In the mind and heart!”
Within he house,
The pictures thus spin a yarn
Of life and
its cause for warmth.
While outside, Fear,
sending out chill, engulfs!
But this too shall pass, is an assurance that comes from the heart.
So let the bliss prevail
And freeze these moments
With some more photographs!

Copyright reserved @ Goutam Dutta




Author: gdutta17

Born in Jamalpur, near Munger, Bihar in the year 1968, my childhood was spent in fun and frolic amongst the beautiful scenic landscape of the small town of Ranchi. An engineer by qualification I have been working in the field of minerals and metallurgy for more than twenty years. Writing and cooking are passions that I pursue during my spare time. Another thing that I am passionate about is our very own country, India. As they say, a lifetime is probably not enough to explore the different corners of India and savour its sights, sound and taste. So i like to read and travel as much as I can in an effort to get to know about our great Country. Currently based in Kolkata, I can be reached at

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