My verandah is basking in sunshine;
Sunshine that feels like melted butter today,
That which falls over everything
In a joyous whoop!
It wants to submerge everything
With unbridled exuberance,
Warm, playful, extrovert sunshine,
Like a lover’s passionate impatience,
Like a child’s unabashed playfulness,
Falling over my shoulders,
Running all over my face,
Happy to have found me
after many a decade.
Happy to have found
a willing friend,
Who wants to give in
To its friendliness.
Sunshine that falls
all over the place,
That deluges my face,
reminds of God’s assurance,
To dispel the dregs of loneliness
And provides much needed solace!



Copyright@ Goutam Dutta


Author: gdutta17

Born in Jamalpur, near Munger, Bihar in the year 1968, my childhood was spent in fun and frolic amongst the beautiful scenic landscape of the small town of Ranchi. An engineer by qualification I have been working in the field of minerals and metallurgy for more than twenty years. Writing and cooking are passions that I pursue during my spare time. Another thing that I am passionate about is our very own country, India. As they say, a lifetime is probably not enough to explore the different corners of India and savour its sights, sound and taste. So i like to read and travel as much as I can in an effort to get to know about our great Country. Currently based in Kolkata, I can be reached at

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